Our farm

In Feios we have started a small scale organic farm in combination with tourism and the ice cream production.

Our farm is a part of the neighbourhood Helland and we named the farm “Alm Gard” after the enormous elm trees which grow here. The farm is situated in the middle of the valley with a view of the Sognefjord and with its back against the forests and mountains. Since 2008 we are a certified organic farm under supervision of “Debio”, the Norwegian organization for organic agriculture.

Although we are inspired by biodynamic agriculture, the Demeter licence is not attainable yet.

  • We have 4 – 6 cows of the ancient Norwegian Telemark breed. The calves drink their mother’s milk so we milk only once a day. We use the milk for our own consumption; we make yoghurt and cheese and of course ice cream. During the summer the cattle are in the mountain grazing areas. We then have our hands free for all the other summer activities such as looking after the guests, haying, picking raspberries and other berries and attending market days.
  • We make ice cream from our berries, fruits and milk products and sell it at markets, to grocery stores, hotels and restaurants.
  • We have about ten beehives from which we harvest mainly raspberry-white clover honey.
  • We have three adult horses and a foal for beautiful trips and for working on the farm.
  • We have 20 free range chickens which produce eggs for our ice cream.
  • We rent out a bed & breakfast room and three houses.
  • We take part in a Dutch Green Care scheme.
  • We have also quite a lot of woodland, in the future we plan to build forest roads to harvest the lumber.

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