Ice cream production

In a small production room under the house we turn our our own fresh eggs, milk, cream, yoghurt and fruits into delicious ice cream, sorbet, and yoghurt ice cream. We grow our own raspberries and redcurrants and we pick blueberries and cloudberries in the mountains. When demand is high we have to buy in local fruits and berries.

We aim to produce 100% organic products. This is not always possible as when we buy in goods it is difficult to find organic suppliers. Our ice cream for example sometimes includes non-organic cream.

We deliver our ice cream to restaurants, hotels and grocery stores and sell the ice cream in markets and festivals.

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In 2009 we took part in a provincial food quality contest and won the first price with our Cloudberry ice cream. In the national final we earned a honourable mention for the ice cream which was in fact the second place in our category. Not bad at all in our view!

In 2010 queen Sonja tasted our raspberry sorbet and we got a message by e-mail that she liked it very much. That was nice to hear!